The church has policies regarding working with children and vulnerable adults:

Statement on Working with Children and Young people
Statement on the safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
Guidance for Working with Children and Young People
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults - Guidance

Safeguarding social media policy

During the past year there have been some changes in Government requirements of CRB checking of adults who are working with children, young people and vulnerable adults. This has resulted in new disclosure forms which are intended for anyone needing rechecking (in the case of our Diocese at 5 year intervals), or anyone being checked for the first time. There has been a steady flow of this latter group representing new recruits to existing groups, and recruits to newly formed groups such as Street Pastors. The re-checking has now been completed. The procedure has remained the same: that is Disclosure forms are available from the Parish Office and the completed forms, with the necessary identification documents are returned for checking to the Parish Administration Officer, Howard Gray, who is the parish’s Counter Signatory. Anyone requiring help or an ';out of hours' appointment, should contact me (Pat Sutcliffe). The Parish has also produced notes of guidance in good practice which we hope are proving useful.

Thank you to all who devote time and energy in committing themselves to this most vital part of the church’s pastoral work and mission. The Parish is much indebted to you.

Though not everyone works directly with children, young people and vulnerable adults, we all as church members have a responsibility to care for one another, of whatever age, and to recognise that at some stage of our lives we may ourselves become vulnerable and in need of help: 'See that you love one another'.

Should you have concerns, don't hesitate to contact:
Aileen Anderson , Appointed Person for Child Protection, or John Lawrence Appointed Person for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults.

For a copy of the full parish safeguarding policies please contact the Parish Office 01285 659317

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Tel: 01285 659317

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