CTiC Christmas Day Lunch

CTiC Christmas Day Lunch: More volunteers are needed to help with this, so, please, if you are able to, have a look at the provisional programme (to be found in church) and let Peter Langman know how you can help. Particular needs are for people to chat to and serve guests, and for transport to and from the venue. Please e mail Peter on peterlangman533@btinternet.com and give him your details. Or you can ring him on 01285659044  Timings may change according to how many people come, they can cater for up to 100.

Contact details

The Parish Centre, Gosditch Street, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 2AG

Tel: 01285 659317
E-mail: enquiries@cirenparish.co.uk

Books of Remembrance can be seen at the Parish Church and Holy Trinity.

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