Electoral Role Review

Electoral Roll review and GDPR consent: Thank you to those who have returned their forms. Compared with the previous list, we have received just one quarter of applications to join the new Electoral Roll. If, therefore, you wish to be able to vote for your churchwardens, elect representatives to the PCC or even stand yourself, then you must complete a form which can be found in the GDPR booklet at the back of our churches. The forms can also be downloaded from our website (see home page). At the same time you can send us in a consent form on which you can indicate how you would prefer information about church activities to be sent to you. Forms can be returned to me (PCC Secretary) via the Parish Office.   Many thanks.                                                                   Howard Gray

Contact details

The Parish Centre, Gosditch Street, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 2AG

Tel: 01285 659317
E-mail: enquiries@cirenparish.co.uk

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