To arrange a funeral, cremation, burial, memorial service or burial of ashes, most people refer to one of the Funeral Directors in the town. Otherwise please contact staff at the Parish Office.

Cowley and SonCo-operative Funerals or A Slade and Son are our local Undertakers.

If you wish to arrange refreshments for those who have travelled a distance then our rooms and halls are available for hire. The Parish Centre is opposite the Parish Church. The Church Hall at Watermoor is next to Holy Trinity and St Lawrence hall is also available.

Garden of Remembrance at St John Baptist

St John Baptist Church has the facility to make a permanent memorial to those whose ashes have been buried in the churchyard. It  consists of York grave stones on each one of which a number of names and dates can be inscribed. The stones are erected in the existing ash burial area. Subsequent stones will be erected in a fresh ash burial area in the south-east corner of the churchyard. A gravel path allows access to both sets of stones and there is a raised area provided on which flowers can be placed.

Because there is a limit to the number and size of stones the design and content of the inscriptions are also limited. The letters are to be one inch high and each 'line' on the stone can contain 27 characters counting spaces between words.

The minimum purchase is one line at £205 and the maximum purchase is two lines at £410. To allow space and as many names as possible on to the stones in the years ahead no words of eulogy are permitted. Below are some examples of how inscriptions might be written.

MARTIN GREEN 1950-2005 (22 characters, one line use)

M.GREEN 28/2/1950-17/8/2005 (27 characters, one line used)

M.H.K.GREEN 1950-2005 (21 characters, one line used)

MARTIN HUGO KEMP GREEN / 28 FEB 1950-17 AUG 2005 (22 and 23 characters, two lines used)

MARTIN & ELEANOR GREEN / 1950 - 2005 & 1952 - 2006 (22 and 21 characters, two lines used)

Application Forms for a Memorial Inscription are available from the Parish Office or downloadable here.

Memorial Inscription Form

Application for the Book of Remembrance

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Tel: 01285 659317

Trying to track your ancestors? Staff at the Parish office may be able to help.

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