Introducing the Christian Faith - an adult learning course, leading to new/renewed discipleship.

Method: Over 10 weeks to look at central Christian/church themes; Sharing with you something of the mystery of God's Life in Christ, and ours in his.

Learning Outcome: to equip you better in your knowledge of Christian themes, the bible, and the life of the Church.

Spiritual Growth:to prepare you for responding to God's call; deepening your faith; 'Helping you to be a baptized participant in the church of Christ'.

Week 1 The living Trinity

Week 2 The Bible Old Testament - what sort of books New Testament - Gospels, Letters, Acts, Revelation

Week 3 What does the OT tell us about preparing for Jesus? (The prophets) What do the gospels tell us about his life and death? What does St. Paul tell us about Jesus?

Week 4 Where do we look to see the life of the church in the NT? What does the church look like at this early time?

Week 5 What is the Holy Spirit doing in my life? How are our lives 'altered' by the Spirit of God? Prayer

Week 6 How do we experience Jesus? The Church The Sacraments (brief mention of the Eucharist)

Week 7 The Eucharist- how are our lives shaped by it? What goes on in it?

Week 8 What does discipleship really mean? Baptism and Confirmation in more detail?

Week 9 How do we decide what to believe as a church? Creeds Ethics - life, death, power, service, sex Current thinking on difficult cultural issues

Week 10 What will our response to ministry now be?

Confirmation Course outline

Contact details

The Parish Centre, Gosditch Street, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 2AG

Tel: 01285 659317

Regular tours of the Parish Church are available – please ask at the Stewards desk.

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