Safeguarding Policy 1

Policy Statement on Working with Children and Young people

The PCC of Cirencester with Watermoor recognises that the church has a responsibility to aim for the highest possible standards of child care and to protect children from harm. We therefore seek to provide a caring, warm and consistent environment in which children and young people* can develop and grow, and in which they can learn in safety. In pursuing these aims the PCC accepts the Diocesan Policy and advice on which our own policy is based. (A copy of ours is kept in the Parish Office and is also on the church website** and the Diocesan Policy is on their website***). We require all those who work with children and young people within our church communities to be aware of the Diocesan and PCC policies, to familiarise themselves with their contents, and to continue working in relationships of the utmost integrity, truthfulness and trustworthiness.

The PCC greatly appreciates the work with children and young people which currently takes place in our parish. A list of groups recognised by the PCC is kept at the Parish Office.

1.   In its endeavour to structure work with children and young people so as to foster good practice, and to minimise situations where the abuse of children might occur, the PCC would wish to ensure that all who work with children and young people will:

a.     be interviewed by the Vicar, or his representative, and asked to complete a disclosure form for the Criminal Records Bureau. The latter will be checked by a Diocesan Counter-signatory, will be strictly confidential and, except under compulsion of law, will only be seen by the above named person acting on the Bishop’s behalf. The completed forms will be held in Church records.

b.    undertake a probationary period, usually 3 months, during which they will meet with their supervisor. The probationary period will end with an informal review.

c.     following the successful completion of a probationary period, continue working under the guidance of their direct supervisor, meeting to review and plan work, share experiences, receive training and talk about relationships with the children in their care. The PCC will undertake to make resources available for these training opportunities to take place.

d.    have an understanding of the nature of the work they have agreed to do and the name of the person to whom they are responsible. Paid workers and volunteers undertake their work in this parish under the authority of the Vicar. The Vicar may delegate the day-to-day supervision of the work to a representative.

e.     receive the PCC’s policy statement, and its guidance on “Working with Children and Young People”. Copies are kept in the Parish Office and on the Parish Website**.



2. In furthering good practice in safeguarding children the PCC will:

a.nominate a person for child protection (Nominated Person) for the Parish who will keep in contact with the work of the various statutory authorities and the Diocesan Children’s Office and act as clearing house for new materials, resources and training opportunities;

b. be responsible, together with the Vicar and Associate Vicar, for implementing and monitoring the PCC’s policy; and to whom all cases of suspected or alleged abuse must be reported immediately.

c.keep an up to date record of the names of those who work with children and young people.

d. respond without delay to an allegation that a child for whom we are responsible may have been harmed or is in significant danger.

e.fully cooperate with statutory agencies during any investigation into allegations concerning a member of the church community. 

f. inform the statutory agency of any suspected criminal offenders or concerns that we are made aware of in respect of our contact with children.

g. offer informed pastoral care to any child, young person or adult who has suffered abuse and provide them with details of local and national support agencies.

h. supervise and support any member of our church community known, or alleged to have offended against a child whilst taking utmost care to safeguard our children.

i. make adequate provision for insurance cover.

j.ensure that all workers with children will be aware of the Childline contact telephone numbers. Posters advertising them and PCC policy will be prominently displayed

k. advise groups using the church premises specifically for work with children and young adults, of the Church’s policy and the requirement on their leaders to be CRB checked.

l. ensure that a copy of this policy is available in the Parish Office and on the Parish website for members of the church and parents/guardians

m. review this policy annually at the PCC’s July meeting and prepare a report for the AGM.


Nominated person: Aileen Anderson

*in this document ‘children and young people’ means everyone under  18   years of age.

**Parish website:  

***For Child protection: www.

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