Parochial Church Council

The Work of the PCC

The Parish of Cirencester with Watermoor (and Chesterton) has a Parochial Church Council which meets every month. However, as a Parish, with three churches, there are committees that tend to deal with the day to day running of each respective church. All members of the groups represent the views of the congregations of their church.

The PCC meets to discuss matters such as finance, church buildings and parish life. The Deanery Synod, which includes representatives from each parish in the Deanery, meets four times a year to discuss matters of general church interest.

A number of sub-committees report directly to the PCC, often with their recommendations. These include:

Standing committee dealing with emergency matters, Finance committee, Parish Learning Group, Parish Property Group, Parish Social committee, Personnel committee, St Lawrence Congregational committee, Social Responsibility committee, Parish Property Group, Mission Giving committee, Church Hall at Watermoor Management committee.

Additionally the PCC have representatives on Churches Together in Cirencester, Christian Aid in Cirencester and the Women's World Day of Prayer.

The PCC consists of elected members from the three congregations who meet regularly to discuss matters that affect the three churches in the Parish of Cirencester. Churchwardens and clergy are also members (ex-officio). Those currently elected to the PCC can be seen in the Parish Directory, copies of which are in the churches, as well as on the link below.

Listed here are the public documents which the PCC have considered, as well as the minutes of meetings. For other matters concerning the PCC please contact the Parish Office who will put you in touch with the PCC Secretary.

Previous years' archives are also available.

Name Description Date
PCC Document PDF document

Minutes of the June meeting 2017

28 Jul 2017
PCC Document PDF document

Minutes of the May meeting 2017

28 Jul 2017
PCC Document Word document

Minutes of the meeting on 21st Feb 2017

17 May 2017
PCC Document Word document

Minutes of the 2016 APCM

20 Apr 2017
PCC Document PDF document

Minutes of the 18th January meeting

23 Feb 2017
PCC Document PDF document

Minutes of the December meeting

19 Jan 2017

Contact details

The Parish Centre, Gosditch Street, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 2AG

Tel: 01285 659317

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